Product: Chicken Wire

Description: 50mm x 0.9mm/1mm


900mm high x 50 metre roll - $89 inc GST 

1200mm high x 50 metre roll - $109 inc GST 

1800mm high x 50 metre roll - $149 inc GST 

Product: Aviary Mesh

Description: 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 0.8mm or 1.25mm


900mm high, 0.8mm x 30 metre roll - $119 inc GST (OUT OF STOCK)

1200mm high, 0.8mm x 30 metre roll - $159 inc GST (OUT OF STOCK)

1200mm high, 1.25mm x 30 metre roll - $299 inc GST 

Product: Snake Mesh

Description: 6.5mm x 6.5mm x 0.63mm


1200mm high x 30 metre roll $219 inc GST

Product: Hinge Joint

Description: 2mm wire, graduated wire spacings, 8 line wires, 150mm spacings between vertical wires


8/90/15, 900mm high x 50 metre roll - $145 inc GST

8/115/15, 1150mm high x 100 metre roll - $259 inc GST

Product: Star Pickets

Description: Black Tar, light duty & heavy duty


450mm - $4.40 inc GST

600mm - $5.10 inc GST 

900mm - $6.00 inc GST (OUT OF STOCK)

1350mm - $8.30 inc GST 

1650mm - $10.30 inc GST (HEAVY DUTY)

2400mm - $15.60 inc GST (HEAVY DUTY) 

Product: Star Pickets

Description: Hot Dipped Gal


1650mm - $13.00 inc GST (OUT OF STOCK)

 1800mm - $15.00 inc GST (HEAVY DUTY) (OUT OF STOCK)

2400mm - $19.50 inc GST (HEAVY DUTY) (OUT OF STOCK)   

Product: Star Post Driver

Description: 800mm long (Colour may vary)

Price: $69 inc GST  

Product: Barbed Wire

Description: 1.57mm, heavy galvanised, hi-tensile, 500 metre roll

Price: $135 inc GST 

Product: Maspro Clips

Description: 19mm x 2.24mm, bag of 500

Price: $10.50 inc GST

Product: Netting Pliers

Description: For use with 16mm or 19mm C clips

Price: $19.00 inc GST

Product: Tension Wire

Description: Galvanised, soft tensile & medium tensile


3.15mm, soft tensile, 750m roll - $219 inc GST 

Product: In-Line Ratchet Strainer

Description: Suitable for 2.5mm - 3.15mm tension wires

Price: $6.95 inc GST (OUT OF STOCK)

Product: Tie Wire

Description: 1.57mm, galvanised, 60 metre roll, 1kg

Price: $16.95 inc GST

Product: Tie Wire

Description: 1.57mm, galvanised, 320 metre roll, 5kg

Price: $44 inc GST

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