If you are looking at replacing your existing boundary fence, then Poole Enterprises & Fencing Pty Ltd can supply you with a new treated pine paling fence, which is a cost effective way of enhancing the look & value of your property. 

Treated pine paling fencing is available in 1200mm(4ft), 1500mm(5ft), & 1800mm(6ft).  Other heights available upon request & subject to council approval, if over 1800mm high. 

All 1500mm & 1800mm high treated pine fences are assembled using 100mm x 75mm treated pine posts, 3 x sets of 75mm x 38mm treated pine rails & 100mm x 16mm treated pine palings.  Palings can be butted together, lapped or spaced apart, the choice is yours. 

All 1200mm high treated pine fences are installed using 2 x sets of 100mm x 38mm treated pine rails. 

Steel posts are also available as an alternative to timber posts, which will make your new fence last even longer. 

All gate frames for treated pine paling fencing are manufactured by Poole Enterprises & Fencing Pty Ltd, and are fully welded from 25mm x 25mm galvanised steel.